Tuesday, November 04, 2003

No Shakespeare here

We are all familiar with Bushisms. I find they beg the question: If you put an infinite amount of Dubya's in a room with an infinite amount of typewriters would he eventually write something intelligible? My guess is he would preemptively attack the monkeys and steal their material.

Running Man

When I first caught site of the obnoxious "P. Diddy runs the city" advertisements that loomed haughtily over NYC I hoped that the marathon would degenerate into a 21st century installment of the running man. Unfortunately no such luck, and Diddy went on to complete the race at about middle of the heat in 4 hours and change. I have to say running 26 miles is an impressive feat, but Diddy who has had 2 months of the most expensive training money can buy beat Opera Winfery's time by 10 minutes.

Where words fail:

You would think that genetic's back-up singer could outlast the rolly polly media mogul by more than 10 minutes.



If anyone out there thought the Israeli-Palestine conflict could not grow any more ridiculous, the Israelis have stepped to the plate and delivered, of all things... pork! Haven't they read any Orwell? You can't trust a pig with that kind of power.

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